The pain cave is a resource to help you with your indoor training in the off season and any other training advice or information we can provide to help you improve your strength on the bike, and your enjoyment as a result.  If your goal for the season is to tackle a longer ride, such as a century or metric century, or maybe you would like to try your first race or triathlon.  We hope you will find the information here helpful to get you on your way!
Indoor training resources Living in the Northeast, and among the changes in season and available daylight, we find ourselves in this thing some of us call the "Off-Season".  While the conditions might keep you off the road or the trails, it does not mean you need to stay off your bike.  Quite the contrary.  The winter is a great time to improve your technique, and not only maintian, but improve your bike fitness.  There are a number of things at your disposal to just that, and we are here to help with them.  The great thing about owning a bike, is that when it is nasty outside, you can turn your basement or living room into your own state of the art training facility.  All you need is a Stationary Trainer and or a set of Rollers (rollers are a little more advanced and require you to balance on them.  Click on the image to the left and learn more about indoor training and also here are  some suggested workouts you can do.

Presenting the Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer