Road Bike Knowledge

The road ahead is a place to find helpful information for you to make sure your time out on the road is as safe and enjoyable as it can be.  We hope you find it helpful.  If you have a resource you would like to share, please send us the info or link.
How to Safely Ride in Groups

Riding in groups requires everyone to ride in a way that ensures the safety and effieciency of the group as it rolls down the road.  Maintaining your "line", pointing out road hazards, and providing adequate indication of any actions you are about to undertake so that you do not cause an accident in the group, or with motor vehicle traffic.  We want you to be safe out there! Read this article on how to ride safely in a group  We are happy to take you out and help you get accustomed to the rules of the road.  Give us a call or stop by and simply tell us you want to learn how to be safe out there and learn some good riding technique.  There is nothing we love more than riding with you!

Don't Get stuck out on the road When you are out on the road it is important to be able to get yourself out of situations with little to no outside assistance. This means being prepared.  Carrying spare tubes, tire levers, patch kits, multi tools and some means of inflation, CO2's or pumps are a start, but knowledge of how to employ them properly so you get home safely is the key to a succesful ride.  You will want the memory of pride of having fixed that flat yourself and finishing your ride rather than having the story about how you had to wait for an hour on the roadside waiting for your spouse to pick you up.  We are always happy to show you how to be self sufficient out there and we definitely recommend coming by for a flat repair clinic at Seaside Cycle.   Check out the Fix It section of our site for valuable tips for keeping your bike running at all times.
Tips for Women Riders Here are some tips we have put together to help women get started with cycling.  Our group rides are usually a great mix of men and women and we offer women's only rides too if you that is what you prefer.  We have many products available to make cycling a fun, safe and comfortable way to get out and enjoy cycling at any level.  From our Women's Specific bikes from Trek and Specialized, to comfortable riding clothes and other products, we are happy to spend the time with you to make sure you have everything you need out there, whether it is riding tips or getting prepared for your ride.  
Tips for becoming a better climber One of the things that many of us find most challenging about riding are the climbs.  There is not a lot of extensive climbing in our area, so you need to go find the hills to work out on.  Some of our favorites include The Neck in Ipswich, Prospect hill in Topsfield, and the hill at Gordon Conwell.  These are great places to go and do repeats and improve your climbing technique.  Becoming satisfied with your climbing technique can take some times, but it will certainly make you want to attack those hills instead of dreading the thought of them when they inevitably come up.  Hills, your new best friend. 
End the Chaffing

Pictured to the left is an example of anti-chaffing products we carry by Dave Zabriskie called Bliss- for women, And DZ Nuts for men. Sounds silly but there is nothing funny about the abrasive quality of a wet chamois pad or one soaked with sweat during a 3 hour ride in the summer heat. There are many products in this category that we sell including Chamois Butt'r and other fun stuff.  It is also one of the items we are always showing people to help them be more comfortable and prevent saddle sores.  The concept is simple and here it is from DZ himself, who has conquered more miles than many of us could hope to.

1. Eliminate chaffing, the precursor of saddle sores.
2. Anti-inflammatory action soothes irritated skin.
3. Wound healing actives heal existing saddle sores.
4. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial reduces chance of infection.