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Why we like Saris Racks

We like to support companies that support cycling, and are not just stamping out widgets for profit alone.  Many of us in the bike industry enjoy making a living doing what we love, and the folks at Saris do the same thing.  Working and doing what they love while supporting the sport that keeps them going is what they are all about.  All of the Saris products are manufactured right in Wisconsin in the good old U.S.A. So not only are they employing people in their home state, they also support many great causes like Bikes Belong, Team in Training, and The League of American Bicyclists just to name a few.  Are any of these reasons enough to buy these products? The answer is probably not.  The reason you should by these racks is because they are a great product, available at your local bike shop, and they do a great job.  Everything else is just a bonus. Think "Good Kharma."  Be sure to check out the Saris Rack Finder to find the perfect rack for you!

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